Why picking up Venice to get married ?

All around the world, Venice embodies the archetypal romantic city. Its gondolas, palaces and Light have made it a true symbol of love.

We have selected 9 reasons to choose Venice.

1 – It is the only place in the world you can arrive by gondola at the Town Hall

Close your eyes and imagine : an elegant glossy black gondola slides along the pontoon. A gondolier helps you get off. You climb the steps towards the wedding hall of the Venice’s Town Hall.Whether on a gondola or a taxi, this arrival by the waters is an incredibly strong moment.

2 – Because Venice is a sumptuous setting

No need of artifice. Even without flowers, ribbons and sequins, Venice dazzles and amazes. The city already has the splendor and the beauty of a place to party. Even with pretty few, a wedding in Venice is simply magical,.

3 – To go down the Grand Canal by boat with your guests

It is known as the most beautiful avenue in the world. And it’s probably true. One thing is certain: the Grand Canal’s gorgeousness is unique. Shaped as an “s”, it winds between the lace facades of marble palaces or palaces with colored coatings. After the signature at the Town Hall, it is an ideal stroll among the beauty of Venice.

4 – Because in Venice, you can do everything on foot

Because it’s a small area, it’s easy to walk around Venice. Easy to stay close to guests, friends and family for the duration of your stay. You can meet up within short distance and those walks around the city turn out to be nice to share.

5 – Because we can have happy one-on-one ceremony

Want an intimate ceremony, only the two of you? With its twinkling atmosphere, Venice lends itself as much to small-scale ceremonies as to grand receptions. If you want an intimate celebration, the city is an ideal frame for a romantic escape, to say “yes”.

6 – Because it’s a fabulous gift to your guests

You won’t be the only one with magical memories: so will be your guests. Attending to your wedding in Venice, they will have the opportunity to discover this joyous atmosphere and may want to come back for more. What a gift you’ll give them!

7 – Because it’s unusual

Venice is not just a beautiful romantic postcard. It is also an astonishing city that will surprise you with its contemporary art galleries next to its ancient buildings. Discover Venice with our specialized team and you will be thrilled by all of its treasures.

8- Because it’s unexpected

In Venice, you can do as much things as admire the sunset from the top of a campanile, take a rowing course or take a ride on a gondola, go for a walk in the vineyards and taste  local wines, enter palaces that tell the story of precious fabrics or perfume, bring back beautiful memories of glass or lace … actually, Venice is so unique : getting married there is out of the ordinary, that will make this d-day a day that looks like you.

9 – Because it doesn’t cost more than in France

If you are concerned for your budget, you need to know that a wedding in Venice doesn’t imply necessarily a high budget.  Our team knows it well: we’ve been organizing weddings in Venice for all different income levels for several years. Even when you get married in Venice, you remain in control of your budget, from the organization until the end of the ceremony . Check our offers or contact us, you’ll be convinced!

As a conclusion, some words from Philippe Sollers, regular of Venice, which he describes thus in his Dictionnaire amoureux de Venise:

Venice, that’s its secret, is an amplifier. If you are happy, you will be ten times more, unhappy, a hundred times more. It all depends on your inner disposition and your relationship to  love. Love? Yes, and in all directions: angels and libertinage, architecture, painting, music, novel, poetry, but also air, stone, water, stars. Nature and culture finally equal. Venice is not a museum, but a constant creation. If you escape clichés, tourism, gossips ; if you managed to be really undercover here, then you know what the word paradise means. The world rushes to chaos, violence, terror, pornography, blind calculation, merchandisation all the time? But no, see, listen, read: here is the magical and future place of which all artists and free spirits testify.

Photo de couverture – Pont des Soupirs – Tim Sackton