Dominique Tholance
Founder of Campo San Maurizio

In a few words : after organizing weddings, receptions and weddings for friends and relatives, a career in one of the largest advertising agency, working on prestigious accounts (Skyteam, Piper Heidsieck, Armani, Air France, Vichy, Peugeot, AIDES…), a collaboration with a wedding planner agency in Venice, I decided to create my own travel agency, Campo San Maurizio. It was then clear for me that I had to specialize in weddings in Venice.

Planning a wedding takes knowledge and experience that cannot be improvised. I followed many courses and trainings in wedding planning and management with Muriel Saladamaccha, one of the best international wedding planner. Muriel, in Europe, is the equivalent of Martha Stewart in North America.

My motto 
« to care about you »
Confidence, sharing, support, commitment, faith in human relationships, in others, quality love, and the respect of your privacy… It’s not just me working for you: it’s an encounter, a spark, passion, an adventure to live together.

I like

Venice’s pathways

The silence of the docks at night

The melody of the steeple’s bells

The spritz’s color (moderately)

The gondolero’s “oi” around the canals

The smell of seaweed

The joyful screams of children on the campi

The water’s lapping

Venice’s red rooftops

Kept promises

I do not like

Lack of sincerity

Lack of generosity

Lack of simplicity

Lack of elegance

Lack of listening

Lack of respect

Lack of humility

Lack of bravery

Lack of authenticity

Lack of commitment

Lack of promises