A very elegant wedding. They were supposed to be nine, but finally they turned out to be fifty.

“Dear Dominique,

Here we are back on our way to work, with extraordinary memories in our minds. A days long magical moment among our friends at the heart of Venice who put a spell on all of us.

How could we translate how grateful we are for what you gave us ? You seized our aspirations and beautifully turned them into reality : an exceptional apartment, a lunch in the middle of a garden shaded by trees, a fine meal and Irina Lankhova’s private concert, how could we forget that !

Your kindness, your empathy, your love for others, your elegance, your calm and communicative smile, your simplicity and so many qualities we would never have thought to find themselves in a single person, have all been praised by our guests. We will never be grateful enough for allowing the formidable success of this marriage. A huge “grazie”, from the bottom of our hearts, for all of this, dear Dominique !

With love… Stéphanie and Eric.”