A wedding in a good mood.

A day out of time in Venice
On this sunny day in June we had one of the most beautiful days of our lives, a day that marked the beginning of our married lives.
We asked the charming Dominique to organize this special day.
We met a very human person with a big heart who, despite our personalities, was able to listen to us and reassure us in this time of health crisis.
Dominique is a very reliable person who will not hesitate to be invested 100% for your requests even the most unlikely.
Dominique works with a team that looks like her, in perfect harmony. We especially thank Emma the babysitter of our boys, Véronique the translator and Laure the photographer with whom we shared great moments.
We were transported by the serenity of this city and by the kindness of Dominique with whom we will continue to prepare our future symbolic ceremony for 2022 summer .
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
See you soon for new adventures:-)

A colourful family
Delphine, Romain and their boys