A wedding blessed by friendship

“We got married after 25 years of living together : furnitures, decorations, we had everything. So we chose, as a wedding gift, to get married in a foreign country with all of our friends. Where to ? The answer seemed obvious ! Venice, of course.
A friend advised us to choose Campo San Maurizio, and with such a venetian name, we could only be sure of our choice. And we were not disappointed ! What a beautiful trip it was.
As a starter, we were welcomed with champagne in our room, and it gave the tone to the rest of the trip. Then, we didn’t miss any of the beautiful and classic moments of a wedding, and mostly we discovered the true Venice, its secret piazzas, its canals, unique bridges, tiny shops without a single tourist.
We had the feeling, just for a few days, of being true venetians, invited by friends to uncover the real, secret life of the city.
Let’s not be scared of words : this weekend was unforgettable. Thank you to all of Campo San Maurizio’s professionals : “perfectly tailored wedding”, it can only be true !
Our only problem : having to choose between all of these amazing photos.
And later, wondering when to come back : for our thirtieth wedding anniversary ?”

France and Yann (Draveil)